On-Site Loci/CHEM Training

Learn How to Use Loci/CHEM

There is no doubt that Loci/CHEM is a complex piece of CFD sofware, and for experienced CFD users, the transition to Loci/CHEM should be relatively straightforward.  After all, the steps are deceptively simple: generate a mesh, create the CFD input file, run the case and visualize the results.

But the process begs the questions: how can this be done quickly and easily, so that I can begin using Loci/CHEM in my production environment?  Can I use a mesh that I already have? Are there input file examples, and how do I adapt them to my specific case? What kind of output can I visualize? How do I extract flowfield data to send to other groups, such as thermal or structural engineers?

These are the types of questions that are answered in our 2 1/2 day on-site training seminars for beginning users.  We will come to your facility, provide the CFD software and introduce Loci/CHEM to up to 10 users.  The training seminar and notes will provide usage instructions and examples to guide attendees through the process of using Loci/CHEM in a production environment.  Please contact us for pricing and scheduling information.