As a small business, we are fortunate to be able to work with talented professionals and third party vendors whose software we utilize extensively for development and applications. Our main partners are listed below.


We use Pointwise, a world leading mesh generation system, for all of our computational grids. Pointwise computational grids pass stringent mesh quality checks are fully compatible with Loci/CHEM.

Intelligent Light

Qualitative and numerical post-processing using Fieldview from Intelligent Light is a cornerstone of our technical approach to delivering better physical insight through effective scientific visualization, analysis, and data management.


CEI’s main product is EnSight. EnSight reads data from many different engineering simulation programs and makes that data interactive, plottable, searchable and exportable. EnSight has a rich variable calculator to extract features of the physics while allowing you to share your data, either as plots, images, movies, 3D scenes and more.


Tecplot offers an assortment of CFD post-processing tools that focus on presenting and comparing results.

CFD Review

Check out CFD Review for interesting feature articles, CFD news, and other CFD related tips.