A Computational Fluid Dynamics Company

We are Tetra Research,

a computational fluid dynamics company located in Cornwall, VT,  and we specialize in Loci/CHEM CFD development and advanced applications. Loci/CHEM, from Mississippi State University, is a unique CFD tool that is formally second order accurate on polyhedral meshes, scales to thousands of processors, and contains advanced physical and body dynamics modules. If you are using CFD for your analyses, you may be interested in exploring Loci/CHEM further.

We offer specialized code development for unique applications as well as guidance on optimal strategies for achieving enhanced productivity with Loci/CHEM. We can also help produce realistic flow simulations with improved physical insight through computer visualization. Since our team develops and uses Loci/CHEM for real engineering problems, we understand what it takes to produce useful results in a timely fashion. Tetra Research offers value-added service, and as a committed partner, we also take a personal interest in your success.

Our research colleagues and associates form the integral components of the results-oriented services that we offer to your organization. Check out this site for additional CFD application details.

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