6 DOF Body Motion

Six Degrees of Freedom Body Motion

Loci/CHEM uses the CFD flow solution to compute the dynamics of body motion, and the updated body positions are then fed back to the fluid dynamics in a fully coupled procedure. Individual grids for each component (either stationary or moving) are merged into a single mesh on which the flow solution and overset body motion are computed. The computational procedure uses advanced hole cutting and interpolation algorithms to pass flow information across mesh boundaries. This add-on Loci/CHEM 6 DOF module provides a robust tool for the analysis of stage and store separation systems, launch simulations, or other types of multiple bodies in relative motion.

The example above shows a hot fire stage separation simulation. Each stage is meshed separately from the fixed background grid, and the three grids are merged into a single computational mesh using a simple Loci utility. Both stages are free to move in response to the computed forces.

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Six Degrees of Freedom motion combines independent translation and rotation about 3 mutually perpendicular axes to describe complete freedom of movement in three dimensional space. The degrees of freedom are forward/backward, up/down, left/right for translation, and pitch/roll/yaw for rotation. Loci/CHEM couples the CFD solution to the resulting body motion to produce 6 DOF moving body simulations.