New Loci/CHEM Version Now Available

The latest release version of Loci/CHEM (version 4-0-beta-10) is now available for download.  Registered users should upgrade to the latest version at their convenience.

The upgraded version has the following features:

For Loci:

  1. The Loci preprocessor nags more on questionable specifications with warnings
  2. Grid reader improvements for better load balancing with mixed element meshes
  3. The Loci argument reader now supports an arbitrary order for loci arguments


  1. Bug fixes for interpolateInitialCondtions that were introduced in the beta-9 release
  2. Updates to cavitation models, including nucleation models
  3. Updates for isentropic and fixed mass inflow BC’s to use a real entropy equation rather than ideal gas approximations
  4. Updates to the local preconditioning code to improve robustness for barotropic equations of state, including reworked boundary conditions
  5. Update to the tabular equation of state to include fits for entropy
  6. New tabulated equation of state datasets for cryogenic materials to include a larger pressure range as well as entropy fits
  7. Lagrangian particle fix for the turbulent scattering model that caused artificially low scattering
  8. Lagrangian particle model now outputs the Sauter Mean Diameter
  9. Fixes for the low dissipation scheme
  10. Fixes for the frozen time integration mode when used for one-way coupled Lagrangian simulations
  11. Update to the DHRL turbulence model
  12. Fixes for online stats for computation of variance when exponential averaging is used
  13. Online stats updated to output average wall stress
  14. Improvements to conjugate heat transfer, including documentation in the user guide