About Us

Who We Are

Tetra Research was founded in 1995 in Huntsville, AL by Dr. Rex Chamberlain. We are a small company with a network of research associates who collaborate to support many different types of CFD calculations for Government and industry. The company is located in Cornwall, VT, where aerospace research meets the natural beauty of this rural setting.

What We Do

Our main purpose is to support Government (NASA/DoD) applications in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Our services focus on internal and external flows for many different types of engineering applications. We develop and utilize advanced CFD software (the Loci/CHEM code) that runs on parallel processing platforms (Linux clusters) to predict aerodynamics, heat transfer, turbulence, fluid mixing and combustion, and other related phenomena of engineering interest. We also have experience in two phase flows involving turbulence and combustion for application to solid rocket motors, cryogenic cavitating flows, base and cavity flows, and launch plumes.  We provide stand-alone CFD application services for your fluid dynamics problems, or we work with your organization to help you bring Loci/CHEM, a state-of-the-art CFD production tool, to bear on the most challenging fluid dynamics problems in a cost-effective manner.